Our School Social Worker
Welcome Paulinians!
I am pleased to introduce myself as the new social worker for our school. I am Ms Ko and I am delighted to be here within the family of St Paul's.
If you're feeling stressed, sad or at a loss and you consider a need for some advice to help you to cope with the issues you are facing, then come chat with me.
The school social work service helps student development by providing enquiry, counselling through various different programs. It aims to assist students who maybe encountering academic, social or emotional issues, develop their potential and prepare them for the responsibilities of adulthood.
From Monday to Thursday, I can be found in the social worker room located on the second floor SIP (Room 213). On Fridays and school holidays except public holidays, I can be reached at the Caritas Office in Caine Road on 2523-0060.
I will be happy to be considered as your companion and provide you with support and encouragement as often: "It is in the darkest skies that we find the brightest stars".